Harem Farm 3

Family versus family.

Months have passed since Steve drove off Penelope’s army, and Darkwood Farm has only gone from strength to strength. It can now call itself a village providing sanctuary to demi-beasts of all shapes and sizes… even if Blesslan’s forces remain parked on its border. For the time being, they’re too wary of Steve to invade, but he’s refusing to take that as a win. To keep his followers and six beautiful wives safe for good, Steve needs to gather all the allies he can get before something breaks their uneasy truce wide open.

Harem Farm 2

We will not be slaves.

The devil has been bested. Zeryesis tried his damnedest, but Lulu’s life is back in her hands. No longer must she spend every month worrying about becoming a slave, and it’s all thanks to Steve… not that he’ll admit it. He’s too busy focusing on the future—turning the farm from a hovel into the best around.

But that’s easier said than done.

Harem Farm

Never make a deal with a devil

Steve had experience when it came to waking up with hangovers. Being attacked by kobolds? Not so much. After rousing in the middle of a monster-filled forest, he was sure his life was over. That was until he was saved by a fire-wielding angel who was anything but human. Now Steve finds himself a temporary guest on a small run-down farm filled with monster girls who need his help.

The Fractured World 5

Escape or die.

In a sense, Brandon has done it all. He’s bested armies, slayed monsters, and kept Ulium safe from harm. However, it’s not enough. After Trez’s shocking revelation, the only way to truly protect his mates is to hurry and find them a way home.

But that’s easier said than done with technology still a no go.

The Fractured World 4

This planet only has room for one ruler.

The plains belong to Brandon and his mates. Be it man, beast, or machine, all who have tried to usurp their kingdom have paid the price. Not a monster remains on the grasslands capable of threatening their sanctuary. It’s only a matter of time until they find the way home they seek.

Or so they’d like to believe.

The Fractured World 3

Build. Fight. Survive.

A new land means a new start. With backstabbing foes eliminated and the monster-infested jungle relegated to a memory, Brandon and his friends can start looking forward to settling down peacefully in a beautiful grassland devoid of danger.

Pff! Yeah, right.

The Fractured World 2

Sometimes the only person you can trust is yourself.

Thanks to Brandon’s cunning and newfound resilience, the wasteland of everlasting frost is a thing of the past. However, it doesn’t spell the end of the group’s troubles. Their new jungle home is under threat from carnivorous beasts that seem to multiply by the day.

And they aren’t the only creatures occupying this alien domain.

The Fractured World

What’s the worst thing that can happen on a hiking holiday? Getting lost? Blisters? Falling out with your partner? Try being abducted by aliens and crash-landing on a strange planet that wants you dead.

When avid gamer Brandon awakes surrounded by endless snow and countless monsters, he knows his survival odds look slim at best. Not that he’s planning to go down without a fight. Being a self-confessed nerd doesn’t mean he’s going to roll over and die. Brandon’s determined to get himself home and protect whoever he finds upon the way. That includes a couple of stunning alien women who need his help as much as he needs theirs.

Half-Breed Hunter: Outlaws

Only an idiot would go to war over a single girl.

Thanks to Jake and his gorgeous huntress companions, New Hoffen lives to fight another day. However, Terix remains firmly under demon control. Jake needs to keep growing stronger if he ever hopes to shatter the status quo plaguing the fantasy land. Dangerous new enemies await that only his half-breed powers can overcome.

Half-Breed Hunter: Arrival

You mean you’ve never been saved by a naked catgirl?

All Jake wanted was a normal life. He didn’t crave fame or glory. A stable income was more than enough for him. So imagine his surprise when he’s plucked from his job by a naked, demon-fighting, catgirl and given an important message. He’s not a human: he’s a half-human, half-demon hybrid who the real deal want dead.