You mean you’ve never been saved by a naked catgirl?

All Jake wanted was a normal life. He didn’t crave fame or glory. A stable income was more than enough for him. So imagine his surprise when he’s plucked from his job by a naked, demon-fighting, catgirl and given an important message. He’s not a human. He’s a half-human, half-demon hybrid who the real deal want dead.

To survive, Jake needs to become strong enough to fully control the demon surging through his veins. Dragged into the dystopian fantasy world of Terix, Jake must fight to grow more powerful. Every monster he conquers gives him more strength, but it also makes him a bigger target for those who desire, or fear, his half-breed power.

Luckily, he’s got three beautiful demon hunters by his side, willing to help him fulfill his potential. Together, can they prise Terix from the demon’s jaws? Or, will the full-blooded be too much for the half-breed hunter to handle?

Contains fantasy harems, plenty of violence, lots of raunchy fun, and your fair share of obscenities. Don’t say you weren’t warned.