Only an idiot would go to war over a single girl.

Thanks to Jake and his gorgeous huntress companions, New Hoffen lives to fight another day. However, Terix remains firmly under demon control. Jake needs to keep growing stronger if he ever hopes to shatter the status quo plaguing the fantasy land. Dangerous new enemies await that only his half-breed powers can overcome.

And that isn’t limited to demonkind.

A trip to one of civilization’s last sanctuaries introduces Jake to his toughest foes yet. Those he’s trying to liberate. Grabadon’s wicked rulers would rather wallow in hedonism than raise a hand against the demons. When a new friend is dragged into their depraved games, Jake has a choice to make. Keep his head down or oppose an entire city? Like it’s even a contest.

Will Jake be able to keep himself and his friends safe from the noble’s fiery wrath? Or will the half-breed hunter meet his match within the impenetrable walls of a false paradise?

Contains fantasy harems, plenty of violence, lots of raunchy fun, and your fair share of obscenities. Don’t say you weren’t warned.