Never make a deal with a devil.

Steve had experience when it came to waking up with hangovers. Being attacked by kobolds? Not so much. After rousing in the middle of a monster-filled forest, he was sure his life was over. That was until he was saved by a fire-wielding angel who was anything but human. Now Steve finds himself a temporary guest on a small run-down farm filled with monster girls who need his help.

None more so than the canine beauty responsible for saving his skin.

In a month, her freedom is forfeit, unless she can somehow turn her failing farm around. It’s a challenge Steve is all too happy to accept, especially if it means getting to test out his strange new powers and mingle with the stunning monster girl livestock who can’t seem to take their eyes off him.

This farm needs a hero, and Steve will be damned if he doesn’t take up the role. He’s no longer just an ordinary IT manager; he’s now the savior these gorgeous women need.

Warning: Harem Farm contains smoking hot monster girls, scenes that are more than just raunchy, and some lovely, bloody violence. Don’t say you weren’t told!