Build. Fight. Survive.

A new land means a new start. With backstabbing foes eliminated and the monster-infested jungle relegated to a memory, Brandon and his friends can start looking forward to settling down peacefully in a beautiful grassland devoid of danger.

Pff! Yeah, right.

Brandon barely has a chance to start building before happening upon a strange girl in desperate need of aid. Slavers are out to get her, and she doesn’t stand a chance unless Brandon and his mates offer up a helping hand.

Now where has he heard that one before?

Like always, it’s struggle or die. There are threats to defeat and fortifications to build if Brandon to turn this new land into a safe haven. Is he up to the task, or is making this wicked planet into a home too much for even him and his girls?

Warning: The Fractured World 3 contains vicious monsters, intense action, a harem of highly affectionate alien girls, and settlement-building advice sourced through little more than presumption.