This planet only has room for one ruler.

The plains belong to Brandon and his mates. Be it man, beast, or machine, all who have tried to usurp their kingdom have paid the price. Not a monster remains on the grasslands capable of threatening their sanctuary. It’s only a matter of time until they find the way home they seek.

Or so they’d like to believe.

A chance encounter with a strange, yet powerful, warrior is a stark reminder there’s still work to be done… especially when she leaves Brandon battered and bruised. If he hopes to stand any chance against the dangerous new threats heading their way, he’ll have to keep growing stronger or risk losing everything precious to him.

After all, a few wild beasts and savages can’t compare to an incoming army of trained fighters with a grudge to settle.

Warning: The Fractured World 4 is a harem-filled adventure stuffed with strong language, heart-racing action, and scenes sure to leave your cheeks burning. You know, the usual.