Escape or die.

In a sense, Brandon has done it all. He’s bested armies, slayed monsters, and kept Ulium safe from harm. However, it’s not enough. After Trez’s shocking revelation, the only way to truly protect his mates is to hurry and find them a way home.

But that’s easier said than done with technology still a no go.

The answer to their dilemma must be behind the hidden door buried deep underground. It’s managed to keep the gang at bay so far, but that’s all about to change with Brandon making a game-altering discovery.

Finally, everything will be revealed. However, will it lead Brandon and his girls to the salvation they seek? Or will whatever lurks behind bring their adventure to an abrupt and painful end?

Warning: The Fractured World 5 is packed with everything you’ve come to expect from the series. Prepare for dramatic battles, overpowered threats, and plenty of fun with the sexiest harem of aliens anywhere in the universe.