Harem Farm

Never make a deal with a devil.

Steve had experience when it came to waking up with hangovers. Being attacked by kobolds? Not so much. After rousing in the middle of a monster-filled forest, he was sure his life was over. That was until he was saved by a fire-wielding angel who was anything but human. Now Steve finds himself a temporary guest on a small run-down farm filled with monster girls who need his help.

None more so than the canine beauty responsible for saving his skin.

In a month, her freedom is forfeit, unless she can somehow turn her failing farm around. It’s a challenge Steve is all too happy to accept, especially if it means getting to test out his strange new powers and mingle with the stunning monster girl livestock who can’t seem to take their eyes off him.

This farm needs a hero, and Steve will be damned if he doesn’t take up the role. He’s no longer just an ordinary IT manager; he’s now the savior these gorgeous women need.

Warning: Harem Farm contains smoking hot monster girls, scenes that are more than just raunchy, and some lovely, bloody violence. Don’t say you weren’t told!

Harem Farm 2

We will not be slaves.

The devil has been bested. Zeryesis tried his damnedest, but Lulu’s life is back in her hands. No longer must she spend every month worrying about becoming a slave, and it’s all thanks to Steve… not that he’ll admit it. He’s too busy focusing on the future—turning the farm from a hovel into the best around.

But that’s easier said than done.

The Huedom’s rulers don’t have any interest in letting Steve and his demi-beast companions expand as they please. If they want to grow, they’ll have to earn it… even if it means coming up against threats that make a troll look like a kobold.

Compared to letting the nobles keep him and his wives down? Sounds like a dream.

Warning: Harem Farm 2 contains monster girls in need of satisfaction, guys being blitzed into pieces, and too many scandalous milking scenes. Don’t say you weren’t told!

Harem Farm 3

Family versus family.

Months have passed since Steve drove off Penelope’s army, and Darkwood Farm has only gone from strength to strength. It can now call itself a village providing sanctuary to demi-beasts of all shapes and sizes… even if Blesslan’s forces remain parked on its border. For the time being, they’re too wary of Steve to invade, but he’s refusing to take that as a win. To keep his followers and six beautiful wives safe for good, Steve needs to gather all the allies he can get before something breaks their uneasy truce wide open.

Say the arrival of the Flameridge family?

Blesslan’s newest representatives are here, and they’ve got their sights on Lulu. They want her back in the family and away from the farm—away from Steve and the rest of the gang. And with her father’s name on the line, can she really afford to say no?

It’s up to Steve to convince her otherwise and show nobody’s taking his brides without a fight… especially with even more trouble lurking just around the corner.

Warning: Harem Farm 3 contains yet more needy monster girls, heart-stopping action, and plenty of scenes you’re probably better off reading in private. Don’t say you weren’t told!